Friday, March 9, 2007

Knitting on Vacation!

2 yellow, 1 green of Bernat Softee using Debbie Cowerd's adaptation of Lois Walter's Preemie Baby Kimono from pattern link on

#6 needles, eyelet at neck and hem, 11" from arm to hem. My own hand-made knitting markers identify button placement when I get home along with adding satin ribbon in eyelet rows.

Here I am...on the patio outside our apartment @ Fiesta Village in Mesa,AZ working on the first 3 preemie outfits completed while 'visiting' the Cubs - March '07!

#4 outfit is finished 3/10/07!
I used BabyBee 'sweet
delight' yarn, white flecked w/blue &'s simply adorable!
#6 needles. Knitting markers for buttons & satin ribbon also in eyelet rows.

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bevq said...

Those preemie outfits are totally adorable! Where did you get the patterns for those? Are they available online?