Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Nativity in knit!

Look what I found! A miniature Christmas nativity set to knit at

Mr/Mrs Claus!

knitted Tea Party set!

Coco & Greta @ G'ma's 'Beary' Tea Party house!

knitted tea party treats!

baby's 1st Christmas sock!

Christmas sock ornaments!

and thimbles and buttons galore at

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Sheep Yoke Cardigan!

I am browsing this morning waiting for the IOWA Hawkeyes to play...and look what I've found...!!!!
I absolutely love this and am going to make it! The sheep are just darling! I've started collecting a few sheep ornaments since I'm knitting more than quilting. Thanks to Jen for this pattern on her blog.
Go HAWKS!! The Hawks were victorious and the 'pig' has been returned to IOWA from Minnesota!!
Also, the Regina Regals were victorious and proceed farther into the state semifinals!!
I just read a very interesting article on the Lion Brand Yarn site from a woman who lives here in Iowa City and knits for veterans!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Volunteering @ Regina!

I went to the annual Carver-Hawkeye craft bazaar w/Susan- bought 'knit' Santa #3!! Since I knit more now, I'm always looking for Santas who KNIT!!!! I still want to take some old sweaters and make Christmas stockings from them-I love recycling! I'm volunteering now @ Regina HS to help the counselor w/filing. It is one of those jobs that needs to be done, takes a lot of time and always gets 'put on the back burner' some typing when it comes up. She emailed me that just knowing I'm helping do some things she doesn't have time for has relieved some of her stress, both mentally and physically. That makes ME feel great!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Completed projects ~ Oct 07

Greta models knit jumper Nov 7'07 @ G'ma's house!
Sirdar 3009 lacey baby sweater/bonnet Bernat Softee Baby (db strand) newborn-3mo for Sheri Roggy (my eyeDr)
Knitting Pure & Simple
Collared Topdown Bolero
Acrylic worsted rust

Coco's pink ruffle heart sweater Oct 07
Coco's Monet watercolor ruffled heart sweater Oct 07
'Emma's' lacey jumper pattern for Greta's birthday Oct 07
Joanna's Poncho pattern
9-12 mo
acrylic worsted
"hawkeye" garter-ridge for Coco Sept 07