Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Sky...

this was the sky about 4am while i was sitting on my deck w/my 1st cup of java! isn't it beautiful?? as soon as it started to get lighter i was knitting away!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fairisle stitching...

I am taking a Fairisle knitting class and this was my 2-week assignment!! We had to design our own stocking and knit 2-color for at least 10" before we work on the heel. My husband's "CUB" stocking has red, white, blue plus Christmas green/varigated. My white yarn was smaller than the blue, thus it lets the blue peek which I don't like, but am NOT going to frog!! I made the bear pattern myself and tried to copy a batter I found on the internet. There are baseballs w/stitching in between the bear & batter. We use worsted weight which is a little trying on my wrists.

I finished his so early (in a couple of days!) so I started the first of 6 for my g'kids!! Greta had a short name and doesn't have a stocking, so she was first! These are the colors in her bedroom. Below the girls I put Regina w/small crown (Regina Regals' school symbol). These are so fun!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Olde" folks!!!

my 1st retiree luncheon w/my "olde" (Intermediate) colleagues! what fun to see them again!!! my 'principal' sang us his own, original retirement song!! it was so amusing to hear those acronyms again!!! well, maybe, 'not so much'!!!

Pat, Jim/Mary, Kathy, Lin and Dave

Board of Directors 2007

This is the 1st Board of Directors for the Mayfield Condo Assoc that I served on this year!! (i'm in black) We had the awesome task of organizing ourselves and hiring a property mrg, Dave, (white shirt) who did a terrific job (along with his office gals!) I had a few 'interesting' occurances in this first year. As no one volunteered to take my place on the Board at our Annual meeting last night, I will remain. This 2nd year should be much easier re: # meetings, etc.~~I have since resigned and been 'replaced'!! No more phone calls!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Christmastime in June~~

Crazy Girl Knitting Shoppe

what gorgeous Christmas stockings!!! our instructor brought her stockings to our 1st class to give us ideas/samples to whet our appetite for Fairisle knitting: knitting w/2 colors (or more). each had its own personality!! several had eyelash yarns and glitter to add a little glitz for its position on the fireplace!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Yahoo! Avatars
i've just created a few personalized Avatars to represent ME!!! since we are in the midst of the baseball season, i can be seen in capris, tshirt and sandals WITH my knitting IN PUBLIC, of course!!! i have finished my Toscana 'wine goblet' socks and will post a pic soon. now i'm finishing a set of 4 brown dishcloths for a retired colleague: 1 plain, 1 basketweave, 1 ?? and 1 ?? maybe i'll try the IOWA pattern! we are going to baseball games 5 nites/week!! that's our social life for this month!! lol!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

TPP Craft/Bake Sale

This is the top of a (sample) 'memory box' that TPP will be making on Sat, June 9. I can't paint artistically, but will give it a try!

could these be square instead of round if no pattern is found???

These are a darling idea for the TPP Craft/Bake Sale!

mini (toddler) basketweave socks!!

how cute for Christmas gifts!!!


These are a few things I might look into trying to do for the ThePreemieProject Craft/Bake Sale in August.

Memory Box workshop
June 9, 2007 basecoating boxes

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public Day!!

i had seen this mentioned in the Aussie blogs... but didn't know much about it...Sat June 9, 2007
i ALWAYS knit in public!!!

Hawkeye Black & Gold sock yarn!!!

I have just found the perfect "Hawkeye" black & gold sock yarn online from my friends 'down under'!!!! I will have to spend some $$ to order it!! I am collecting pics and items I've made for my 'black & gold' collection!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


today is tuesday, june 5... i've been seriously frustrated trying to find my way thru the explorer 7.0 security issues so i can access my edit mode here !@#$^&* thank goodness, thru trial/error i've been able to find some blogger comments that gave me some direction!! thank you! while i've set up 'Iowa Black & Gold' as a backup blog, i will continue here as long as possible.

it is amazing that when a person loses something valuable to them that they feel a part of their world has been devastated! while having the services of a computer and blog are fantastic, it is the feeling of having lost contact with friends that crushes the human spirit. the creative aspect of any person's psychi is valuable should they desire to express themselves in some acceptable manner. that is what i felt during the past week, having lost 'easy' access to my blog. i sincerely hope no one experiences what happened to me.

i forced myself to remain calm, knowing there HAD to be a way around all this!! for me, this is one record of what i am doing since i ended my 'working' phase of life. retirement activities are so very important, and this was especially valuable to me. trust in the LORD. patience is one of the strongest virtues...i practice it everyday!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

LOST, but now Im Found!!

OMG!!! i thought i had REALLY lost my blog today!@#$% i updated my Internet Explorer from 6.0 to 7.0 and then i could not access my blog's dashboard to do anything!! i couldn't even login! let me see if this publishes b4 i go any farther!