Tuesday, June 5, 2007


today is tuesday, june 5... i've been seriously frustrated trying to find my way thru the explorer 7.0 security issues so i can access my edit mode here !@#$^&* thank goodness, thru trial/error i've been able to find some blogger comments that gave me some direction!! thank you! while i've set up 'Iowa Black & Gold' as a backup blog, i will continue here as long as possible.

it is amazing that when a person loses something valuable to them that they feel a part of their world has been devastated! while having the services of a computer and blog are fantastic, it is the feeling of having lost contact with friends that crushes the human spirit. the creative aspect of any person's psychi is valuable should they desire to express themselves in some acceptable manner. that is what i felt during the past week, having lost 'easy' access to my blog. i sincerely hope no one experiences what happened to me.

i forced myself to remain calm, knowing there HAD to be a way around all this!! for me, this is one record of what i am doing since i ended my 'working' phase of life. retirement activities are so very important, and this was especially valuable to me. trust in the LORD. patience is one of the strongest virtues...i practice it everyday!

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