Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rain in AZ!!

i can't beleive it rains in AZ!! 3 days now! and cold! i almost feel i'm getting 'cabin fever' like in an IOWA snowstorm!! which, of course, i'm NOT missing at this moment!! LOL
i'm just about finished with the 2nd 'pumpkin vine' lace sock! i've frog'd at least once on each sock! but i want to make a matching 'pumpkin vine' skinny scarf and submit the set to the Johnson Co Fair this summer ... i think i'm ready for a critique!! the yarn is handpainted with all the fall colors! it's perfect for this pattern! will post pic when finished...
~~the fair thing is a 'no-go'!!! my 2nd sock was knit tighter and is smaller than the 1st!! ;-(
i hope one of my feet is smaller!! LOL oh well, they're pretty anway!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

yarn quest

good morning world!
here we are in sunny Mesa,AZ w/rain in the forecast for today! but nevertheless, we are going to gps our way to Scotsdale in search of the yarn shop there! we have a newly remodeled condo this year...new chocolate brown leather furniture, granite-top dining table, and chocolate brown bedding/towels! long & narrow and taupe, it looks/sounds like a cave!! (no pics on walls yet)
we know the grocery store and coffee shop from past yrs! so broadening our horizons!! hubby has been to all the surrounding towns in years past from away CUB spring training games, but this year i want to check a few of them out! since i won $35 at bingo last week, i can splurge a little again on yarn!!
made 6 'grape-bunch' dishcloths on the 3-day drive out here. then a lace baby sweater, 2 hats and working on a pr of 'rainy day' lace socks in navyblue nylon/acrylic. i'm using up my 'scraps' for baby hats,mitts to donate. b4 we left home i donated 15 baby sweaters, mostly lacey, to UIHC volunteers to distribute to babies in hospital. i received a very nice thank you note from the ladies!! makes me want to knit/donate more!! baby sweaters are small and easy to finish quickly! will post some pics soon!
well, that's all for now...i promise to try to post more regularly!
^)^ linda