Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rain in AZ!!

i can't beleive it rains in AZ!! 3 days now! and cold! i almost feel i'm getting 'cabin fever' like in an IOWA snowstorm!! which, of course, i'm NOT missing at this moment!! LOL
i'm just about finished with the 2nd 'pumpkin vine' lace sock! i've frog'd at least once on each sock! but i want to make a matching 'pumpkin vine' skinny scarf and submit the set to the Johnson Co Fair this summer ... i think i'm ready for a critique!! the yarn is handpainted with all the fall colors! it's perfect for this pattern! will post pic when finished...
~~the fair thing is a 'no-go'!!! my 2nd sock was knit tighter and is smaller than the 1st!! ;-(
i hope one of my feet is smaller!! LOL oh well, they're pretty anway!!

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