Wednesday, April 14, 2010

back home again!!

WOW!! i don't blog as much as a used to...i blog'd daily for a while b4 Ravelry & Facebook hit the cyber-waves!! i just watch'd a great video on Ravelry and learned 2 new knitting tip/techniques that should help improve my knitting! 1) how to decrease the size of the last BO stitche and 2) how to purl more efficiently continentally. i think it's the same method that i've seen in a tv commercial but could not figure out how it was done! purling has always been my sore spot and makes me knit English-throwing most of the time, but my purls tend to be a bit looser...

still within gauge, but looser. so now i have 2 things to try today on my day-off of cleaning/

sorting/packing ... spring housing-cleaning is moving ahead 'full-steam' these days!!! i cleaned the garage yesterday...loaded up the garbage can + 3 bags full for the 'guys' this morning! i'm purging 'junk'!!! but i STILL have too much stuff all over this condo! i guess each year i will need to rid myself of yet more stuff, aka: JUNK!!! i'm too much of a sentimental romantic. i save too much stuff. it's this stuff that i've purchased in past years that brings back memories of travels, people/friends, etc. my entire condo is decorated w/art that i've purchased here and elsewhere during travels...esp my "Colorado" hummingbird/mountain bedroom!! and my LR/kitchen is Italian...I LOVE ITALY!!! both it's cities and food!!

ok, back to the real world... i promise (to myself) i will blog more regularly.

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