Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Splendor!!!

Fall is here!! i love the changing colors on the trees. the air is fresh and cool - no humidity. the sky is filled with various shades of white to gray-blue billowy cotton fluffs. and the perfect knitting season...getting to enjoy this season and make knitted gems for family and friends. alas, always too many on my list, not enough time!

am making Hawkeye handpainted black/gold socks for g'sons E & E. H & S got theirs last Christmas! leftover yarn will go into a lacey scarf for me. i need to knit from my sock yarn stash as a couple pair have sprung holes in the soles ;-(

have a request to make the gdaughters sweater-jackets this fall. they are growing out of their clothes fast!

am in midst of building a new home in wooded area...the scenery is beautiful around the lot! can't wait to finish and move in...everything on one level, but have access to unfinished lower level...lots of storage space and craft area.

will try to post more often than i have during this past couple of years. i need to write more. but i HAVE been reading a lot of t's books inbetween spurts of knitting!

in stitches...

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