Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Weights & Measures!!

Today it was 20 degrees when I got up!! and snow fluttering outside in the fierce wind! Last night sounded just like 'ole man winter' returned for a final 'hurrah'!!

I'm reorganizing my laptop I know where to find things & delete olde items! It's a form of 'spring house cleaning'!! Alas, I have not yet been on the treadmill...OR the scale! As you can see, I THINK I'VE BEEN WEIGHING MYSELF INCORRECTLY ALL THESE YEARS!! lol :)

Wow, I just checked my Vistor's world map...213 visitors since March 27!! That's amazing!!

I keep reading more blogs, find new pics to add (thank you if I borrowed) and now added the MOON Phases ~~ I also figured out (while in Mesa) how to add Flickr photos and Universe clock!! I'm still not sure why some of my buttons(uploaded but not necessarily mine) are not clickable but feel extremely proud that I've figured all of this blogging stuff out on my own thru 'trial & error'...mostly by error!! I love the knitting blogs, esp the creative names!! As you can tell, I L O V E C O L O R !!! Thank you and please stop back again!!

Gotta get my Preemie Project outfits ready for the April donation!!

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