Monday, March 26, 2007

Wool Winder!!

This is my new Wool Winder! I love it! I was getting very frustrated untangling yarn. It saves a lot of stress on my already weak wrists...I spun several balls of yarn just for the fun of it!

Next are my Preemie Sleeper Sacks completed to date:

Bernat Softee Yellow: 2

Baby Bee Sweet Delight: 3 (my favorite!!!)

White Bunny button detail

Blue Sailboat button detail

Bernat Softee blue: 2

Bernat Softee Green: 2

Bernat Softee Blue/White: 2

Sunday, March 25, 2007

John & Shannon

I met some new friends...Max and Beau!! They are so cute! Shannon and John invited us to their home and out for dinner while we were here in Mesa! I love their feels so refreshing here in the desert!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

B-day Sidetrip to Sedona and Jerome, AZ

Here are the RED ROCKS as we approach entering Sedona, AZ! The locals have named many formations from 'Snoopy' to 'mother w/child'... all are spectacular! Hampton Inn desk clerk, BJ, helped to make my March 13 Bday very special ...she's from Iowa too!

'Tlaquepaque' ~~ enclosed (European style) boutique mall where shop doors open inside to various courtyards and streets with large cobblestones as they do in Europe.

Chapel of the Holy Cross outside Sedona, AZ built into rock w/help of Barry Goldwater when he was in office!

Husband, Terry, lighting candle and signed the guest book. I bought hand-painted Christmas ornament of chapel to add to my 'travel' collection of ornaments.

Jerome, the oldest town in AZ, is nestled into the side of the mtn...hairpin turns, very narrow streets, buildings practically touching each other, and very old, old, old!!!

This is the view from Jerome looking down the hair-pin mtn road. Jerome now attracts artists of various mediums... oil, watercolor, pottery, glass, jewelry, wood, etc...

One of Jerome's facinating businesses! Unique architecture! Bordellos combine w/Pizza!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Knitting on Vacation!

2 yellow, 1 green of Bernat Softee using Debbie Cowerd's adaptation of Lois Walter's Preemie Baby Kimono from pattern link on

#6 needles, eyelet at neck and hem, 11" from arm to hem. My own hand-made knitting markers identify button placement when I get home along with adding satin ribbon in eyelet rows.

Here I am...on the patio outside our apartment @ Fiesta Village in Mesa,AZ working on the first 3 preemie outfits completed while 'visiting' the Cubs - March '07!

#4 outfit is finished 3/10/07!
I used BabyBee 'sweet
delight' yarn, white flecked w/blue &'s simply adorable!
#6 needles. Knitting markers for buttons & satin ribbon also in eyelet rows.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sunny Arizona!

Here we are in sunny Mesa, Az!! We are 'visiting' the Cubs during spring of this writing (3/7/07) they have won 2 games!!


Cub banner in Hohokam Park (Mesa,AZ)
Spring Training March 2007

1st pitch Giants vs Cubs March 1, 2007