Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting, knitting, knitting everyday!!!

Sirdar lacey bonnet to accompany the sweater (Caron Simply Soft) finished April 15, 2008 w/icord ties #5 needles
Watercolor worsted acrylic (RedHeart) made up in a 2nd garter stitch (Beribboned) pattern using 10.5 needles...3T (28" chest) for my gd Greta!

Caron Simply Soft in garter stitch (Beribboned) baby sweater pattern using #9 needles...2T finished April 12, '08

this is the 2nd lacey Sirdar sweater set (hat finished 4-15-08) just like Monica's outfit!

pastel cotton 'Petal' dishcloths that i made in Mesa (march'08)...could be used as baby dresser doilies

this is Monica in her lacey sweater/hat set i made her for her birth! she has finally grown into it! her mom, Sheri, says she gets lots of compliments on it! i was so glad she wore it to the Regina music program so i could take this pic of her April 6, '08.

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