Friday, August 8, 2008

August 2008

well, August has brought several changes in my schedule...i had a sudden gall bladder attack on Sun July 27, went to ER at 4pm and was admitted at 11pm w/inflamed gall bladder...i had never been in so much pain...fever dictated waiting a day for surgery...Tue July 29, came home Wed, July 30!! my gall bladder was partially dead! my surgeon was the Head of General Surgery at UIHC!!! it's no wonder i haven't really been feeling good this summer...i'm even losing some weight because i'm eating smaller amounts, 6 small meals a day, writing down what/amount i eat and drinking lots of water, which i didn't use to do! also trying to get out and walk this was a wake-up call to me!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!
i also experienced my 1st back spasm Aug back muscles have been tight since i got home from UIHC...thank goodness for Motrin and a heating pad!

i did get this bobble flower lace sweater finished in time i make this pattern i will lenthen it for a dress/jumper!
have been working on a green lace cardigan, but frogg'd it several times due to mistakes (drugs make for a foggy mind!)... lace section is complete now sans/mistakes--have to finish the sleeves and will forever be my 'frogg'n baby lace'!!! pic to post soon...
my knitting/nurse girlfriend, Cindy, and my sister, Pat, have been a great inspiration and a wonderful source for medical info...i thank them both!!
i also actually sold 3 outfits to my dental asst who cleans my teeth! i'm going to try to get a table at Regina's Dec craft show and share table space w/my good "hook'r" friend Anne!!! i knit, she crochets...

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