Thursday, January 15, 2009


i should have blog'd yesterday on my 'blogoversary' but wasn't feeling like doing much except catching up on sleep! so now, it's 364 days until my next one! i have a LOT of posting to do here and on Ravelry...i need to print pics before uploading to the computer.
i've recently finished 2 toddler sweater orders and a LUNA-MOTH shawl for my g'kids' school's Feb Gala auction. the principal said she appreciated a 'heads-up' to know what i made so she can bid on it. i also got and order from the vice-principal for a baby sweater and shawl for the expectant mother(daughter of VP)!! these to be done/delivered before we leave for Mesa,AZ to 'visit' the CUBS at spring training!! she bought a sage green lace sweater for her 1st g'daughter and everyone loved it! i am glad to get feedback on my knitting, esp that the item fit!
i have to admit that i spend more time on Ravelry than i do here on my own blog. my bad!!!
i love that there is such a resource for meeting other knitters, viewing pics, searching/saving patterns! i have a knitn' budd, Cindy, who found me on Ravelry! actually, i asked her about her name~Toulouse~ because i had gone by the MoulinRouge in Paris on a bustour when my husband/i chaperoned his students to Europe back in the 80's! so we talk everyday now on Ravelry! and knit together whenever we can!
also, the shawl i'm going to make for the VP is the same 'meandering vines' that i made susan for Christmas. after posting it to Ravelry, the designer (who is from Germany) emailed me back! that's what i mean by loving Ravelry!!! i've talked to knitters all over the world! even Australia!
it's 22 below zero here in Iowa today...schools closed...a very good day to stay in and knit!!!

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Clare said...

I happened upon your blog. I have a friend who works I believe at CCS(Praire Schools). I am originally from Iowa - met Sandy in California. She has sinced moved back to Iowa - maybe you know her? Sandy Miller
Your knitting projects are wonderful!