Wednesday, February 4, 2009

more hearts...

some of the projects/activities i've been working on/doing since Christmas...
Daphne by ElsebethLavold 'Enchanted Garden Collection' that i am making for myself in lt.sage hempathy(cotton/hemp).

Noro Kureyon little 'booga bag' for knitting accessories - felted by knit'n budde CindyV

knit'n at Coralville Crazy Girl Yarn Shoppe w/friends!

Evan at his piano recital...GOOD JOB!

'Reid' lacey sweater for my eyeDr's daughter!

my 1st use of Sweater Wizard CD to make matching 4T 'Provence' for older sister of whom baby sister already received one this past summer!
knit'n at HomeEc on a Sunday afternoon w/friends!
my favorite pic of Zoey at G'ma & G'pa's house!

Ethan's 1st 5th grade band concert (Dec 2008)

Ethan plays percussion!
Faith Hill sings America before SuperBowl Feb 1, 09
Kurt Warner (from Cedar Rapids,IA) QB Arizona Cardinals in SuperBowl Feb 1, 2009

Baby BSJ for SilasSuchomel's 'New Member of the Family' pic Jan '09
Baby BSJ,pants,hat,mitts,socks for JvF's g'baby due in March '09

the 'rest of the outfit'!!
one of two LUNA MOTH lace shawls 1~purple for Regina Gala in Feb 09 2~black for JvF's expectant daughter due in March
practicing 'butterfly' stitch on dishcloths!

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