Sunday, April 5, 2009

Knitting: Stress Reducer!

April 5~
i missed a whole month(March) because while in Mesa,AZ we did not have internet access unless we took this laptop to Starbucks!! that was not fun...not having access ;(
so now, i'm trying to get back in my 'mo-jo'...computing (raveling) in the mornings w/my java b4 i do anything else! i just joined Twitterthis morning! i hope i use it!
i tried to embed a CBS special about knitting reducing didn't work. but it's nice that Harry Smith on GMA featured 'what's old is new again!'
i will get my pics of my Elsebeth Lavold hempathy (sage & lilac) Daphne's posted soon and my butterfly stitch pullover summer top i'm currently working on out of dbstrand crochet cotton.
Shannon/John gave me a bottle of CopperRidge wine and some shower gel for my (friday)march 13 bday!...the day i had to take my DH to the hospital in the Valley...high white count and very dehydrated...he ended up w/colitis and UT infection and a 4day hospital stay. thank goodness the UrgentCare dr recommended a brand new had very good drs and great facilities!
but now we are home and i'm so glad!! still unpacking and going to get groceries b4 the (winter)
storm approaches this afternoon...
more soon...

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