Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Preemie donations '06

These are a few of the best pics of what I have donated during 2006 to The Preemie Project.

1) Craft Fair: Nov 06
I made 5 child-size circus quilts, 2 using redwork animal designs that I used with my students at school before retiring. (I taught them how to embroider the animal squares and sashed them with circus clown-face fabric. I donated those to UIHC to critically ill children and also some to Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City.)

2) For the PP Craft Fair I also made some 'Hawkeye' potholders and dishcloths (in the basket) and several crocheted baby blankets (not pictured)

3) The fall 'Hawkeye' donation for the Preemie Project included 2 micro white/black/gold onsies/hat/bootie outfits; 13 different hat/bootie sets; 8 microspun hat/bootie sets.

4) close-up of the 'Hawkeye' onesie set.

5) pastel green/yellow/white crocheted blanket/hat/
bootie set

6) my 'retirement' basket that I use to baggie my outfits until I deliver them to Laura, the founder of The Preemie Project

7) an orange blanket/hat/bootie set pictured alongside my themed 'Hawkeye' set

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