Friday, April 13, 2007

Yarn 'Replacement'...

I went on a yarn 'replacement' trip yesterday...for baby sweaters! My g'daughter, Greta, has outgrown her Christmas sweater and her mom has requested a 'replacement'!!! Charlotte was watching me knit on my O p a l sock and now wants some socks AND to have me teach her how to knit!!
I visited our new 'Crazy Girl Yarn Shop' and registered for Fair Isle Christmas stocking class in June!! I still have my knitted stocking that my mom had someone knit for my brother/sisters back in 50's!!! So now, I will be able to create one for each of my g'kids! It may take me a while~ maybe deciding on which designs each g'child wants will be the most time-consuming!!
Also, I received an email from Dorothy in Australia yesterday!!
She was amazed that 'someone visited her blog'!! I plan to continue visiting her often. I am facsinated w/AussieLand & am going to write to my cousins who live in Australia!

And I need to work on the scrap quilts for The Preemie Project...
TPP List G'ma Linda gave me flannel and batting, so it's time to get my sewing machine rev'd up!!
I just finished a baby sweater from yarn I received from Andrea. (Caron Simply Soft-Country Blue from "Rainbow Knits for Kids" by Cheryl Potter) Thanks Andrea!!
(ps: I have a cousin named Cheryl & cousins w/last name Potter!!)

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AndreaLea said...

Hey! Welcome back to Iowa!
Glad you could find a use for that yarn. :)