Friday, May 4, 2007


PANIC!!! my computer would not work this morning ;-( but thanks to the helpful reps at Mediacom and Netgear I am back in working condition (((((hugs!))))) and like the pic, some days I compute in my nightgown/slippers!! I thank those visitors to my blog who take the time to put their cities on my world map! I LOVE seeing where you are from around the world! I check it everyday! A line from the movie 'Dear Frankie': ..."Remember, Frankie, we are all connected." I am working on socks#3, almost finished...just this morning I found lots of sock patterns on!! so I am set for a long while!! It's rainy & cold here...good day to stay in and knit!


ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I love your blog!
The sweater you were inquiring about is on this site..

Shelley said...

Hi! Thanks for joinging the One Sock Two Sock webring! You've got a great blog - nice and colourful!

Craftybernie said...

Hi there. Thanks for submitting your blog to the Knit1BlogToo Netring. I hope you find something useful on the team blog I'm just finalising your Ringsurf membership and in the coming days you should receive an e-mail from me inviting you to join the team blog. Welcome and best wishes.....Bernie

Rachael said...

G'day! popped myself onto your map! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours, poppoing you in my bloglines asap.
So now I'm off to explore you blog, cheers!