Friday, May 25, 2007

'...on the road again!...'

Yet another pair of socks!! When will this craze end?? I haven't even tried these on yet, and this pic does not do justice to the 'heart' design that is the namesake...Cairi's Sweetheart Socks. This is the 1st lacey design I've ever attempted...I enjoyed it! and used 2-strand crochet cotton !!

Yesterday bought some 'Toscana' olive green/multi(anything 'Italian' draws my eye!!) for yet another pair...I haven't decided what pattern yet as we will be 'on the road again' w/Jay Buckley's Baseball Tours going into Chicago to see the Cubs and Sox this Memorial Day weekend! So a lot of knitting time ahead! I hope the weather stays was really chilly here this morning! I didn't even sit out on the deck to knit like I do every morning. (I'm knitting "Queen of Cups" by Nanthia Apple which looks like 'wine goblets' to coincide w/my love of 'grapes'!!!)

ok, here is the traveling Regina Regals baseball team that G'pa & I have been following in addition to Evan & Henry's teams too! What else can a proud G'ma say?!! The team got 2nd place trophy in a tournament...Ethan is peaking thru in center helping hold the trophy!! They've got great coaches, one being his Dad, Chris!

This is Evan & Ethan at their tournament last weekend...they got to play together on the same team!

Ethan is #2. He pitches, catches, plays 1st base, and fields.

And he does great in the batter's box too!

Also, see my (G')ma's Day present??(from the boys/parents) This 'humongous' umbrella came in great that weekend as it was extremely hot & sunny! We had lots of inquiring looks and questions as to where we got it... at Chris' 'Play It Again' sports store he owns!!

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Shelley said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! As for my template, it is one that I found on the internet. There is a link in the sidebar way at the bottom that takes you to the site of the man who designed it. He has some to buy but he also has some for free. The one I have is a free one.

Anything you find on my blog (like the map) you are welcome to use on yours too. I got most of those from seeing them on other blogs myself.

Sure sounds like you've been bitten by the sock knitting bug! Once your bitten, that's will never stop knitting socks. You will become a sockaholic! Your sock looks great!