Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Columbine At Mt.Crested Butte!

This is Crested Butte in the winter! Nestled down in a valley! It is an old 1800's mining town, reburbished with a ski resort up on Mt. Crested Butte mountain! We just arrived this afternoon and checked into our Columbine condo for the month of August! It is the highest and oldest condo building on the mountain. We are in the end unit right next to the ski lift! and also have side windows where we can view the peak everyday! Hummingbirds dart, chipmunks scurry and wild flowers abound!! And the is gorgeous!! cool and breezy that make the aspen leaves glitter in the sun!! The top of the aspen tree is right next to the front window! I love it here!! especially at night...looking down at the lights of both towns down the mountain! So long--hot, humid weather back in IOWA!! I will miss my neighbors, family and friends, but NOT the weather!! Oh, yes, we get WGN here so can keep up on some of the CUBS games! They are doing so well...1 game out of 1st!! Stay tuned for more of one of the Greatest Places on Earth!! COLORADO!!
ps: we had the door open and a little bird flew in & visited for a time tonight!!

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