Friday, August 3, 2007

Relaxxxxing on the Mtn!!

this is day 3 of my vacation on the mtn~~i've finished baby sweater #2! altho i haven't gone out taking pics of the beautiful scenery, i'm enjoying it tremendously up here on the mtn! i've just found an interesting article re: knitting socks for diabetics, of which my husband is one.
it is very husband just ordered some new diabetic socks on the web before we came here...they seem to be fitting ok. it is something i will seriously look into in the future~~ when i figure out how to adjust a sock pattern. i'm going to try knitting some socks for my g'kids this month...we'll see how those progress!
i've also decided to put any pics this month onto a photowheel...i really like its format--includes short captions so the viewer will know a little bit about the pic.
we're going the Crested Butte Arts Festival tomorrow on Elk Avenue (main st)... the street is lined with artists' booths...i'll try to get some pics, esp the Santa booth, of which i bought (2 yrs ago) a Santa's teddy bear workbench (since i've made lots of teddies!) it cost, but i love it!
well, until the next post... TTYL...

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